Bisherige ErgebniГџe Em opinion you are mistaken. suggestWas kostet ein Gärtner / Garten- und Landschaftsbauer?

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Bisherige ErgebniГџe Em

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But to conduct that survey, we really need someone who have the impact to the vendor the community. Can you do that Ben? MSFT has complete control over.

NET and has a completely different business model and until recently had a product that only had to work on a single operating system that they fully controlled.

So, despite some similarities between the languages, I don't believe they're actually that similar from a business perspective.

And while it is true that c has some bells and whistles that Java lacks Java is used far more widely that c at least according to Tiobe.

Just so you are aware that. NET has been rebuilt to be open source and cross platform from , it's called.

NET Core. Java is more popular than. NET because Java is open source and cross platform from the beginning, and that's the reason it get great support from the community.

NET has been rebuilt from to be open source and cross platform, called. NET Core, and since then there've been a growing number of great open source projects created such as the Pivotal's SteelToes or Project Polly for building microservices.

But I didn't intend to compare between. I love both. What I meant is just Java is already great, but it really need a non backward compatibility version to fix all the wrong design so far to become a "perfect" platform.

There are definitely places where Java language is better designed. For example: lambdas as one method interface and default method interfaces.

C will copy default method interfaces. Even more, Java tended to have an uniform code-style so it made it more readable. Baking a feature more pays it off.

Out of my mind, Java 9 the language today has better design around: string concatenation using silently a string builder and using compact strings, having virtual by default with no runtime cost most of the time.

Similarly, I like the idea of having just signed integers, so it avoids a lot of compiler warnings of sign based code. And, when you will bash me as a Java fanboy: no, I'm a C developer by trade, but I can see the elephant in the room.

I am no lang spec reader, but 'var' is not a big feature, it's not trivial, but small if you ask me, actually very small compare to better generics, lambda, etc.

I am pretty sure one-method interface as lambda is not that great,. But I'd like one-method interface compatibility with delegate in C , that would be nice, but no big deal anyway, the issue doesn't come that often anyway.

Go does have one feature that I like around func which is that a obj. Func x, y, z is compatible with method Func obj, x, y, z as anonymous function, I find that quite handy, but then again, no big deal.

What's context? If you know that, then you probably already know what type of request it is. Not that it matters.

In C , the vast majority of the time all you really care about is the semantic meaning of the request object and what methods are available when you type "request.

This is even more true in Java, where we are so obsessed with abstract interfaces that we usually don't know the real type anyways. No, it's a Request interface that could be any of them.

In C , the vast majority of the time it is simply omitting the compile time type check. The exception is delegates and expressions, both of which change meaning based on what value is assigned.

The reason is that it removes the type information from the point of declaration. Indeed, the type may not be known until after much compilation.

I agree with the others, var is a BAD idea. When you can't determine the type by looking at the code, the code sucks. I hope they cancel their plans for including var in Java.

Seems a lot of var opponents are here. I like it in the arsenal. Can it lead to messy code too? Sure - like many already existing features. I welcome this option that is limited to local variables within methods that should have couple of lines anyway.

If I need to scroll for what request means and what type it is something is wrong - var or not. I'll be the one to disagree that vars are bad.

Not because I had extensive experience with these, but because I think the argument against them is flawed.

And it somehow reminds me the arguments against autoboxing back in the day. Use it in a well-understood context where it helps readability.

I also think this way Make it greenfield, reuse what is reusable and make it happen. Push fresh air into old pipes Is your profile up-to-date? Please take a moment to review and update.

Java 10 - The Story So Far. However, Stern rejected the Sonderweg interpretation of German history. In his view, the ideas of the völkische movement were merely a "dark undercurrent" in 19th-century German society.

In the s, Stern was a leading critic of the controversial American author Daniel Goldhagen , whose book Hitler's Willing Executioners Stern denounced as unscholarly and full of Germanophobia.

Another major area of research for Stern was the history of the Jewish community in Germany and how the Jewish culture influenced German culture and vice versa.

In Stern's view, this interaction produced what Stern often called the "Jewish-German symbiosis". The first person appointed to hold that chair was former German President Richard von Weizsäcker.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fritz R. New York, New York , U. This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Associated Press.

May 18, Retrieved May 19, New York Times. Retrieved May 20, Zeit seines Lebens hat der erzliberale Historiker gegen den Kulturpessimismus angeschrieben.

Nun ist er gestorben. Ein Nachruf He was the guardian angel of the free world: Anyone wishing to know western values must read Fritz Stern.

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